Car Engine Sudden Strike? Stay Calm and Focused. Here's How to Resolve


11 Mar 2021 - Otomotif - 252 Visit

APPSERGU.COM, Car Engine Sudden Strike? Stay Calm and Focused. Here's How to Resolve - You are traveling, suddenly your car suddenly died. Conditions worsening for your position away from a car repair shop. So, the first thing you do is do not panic. Stay calm and focused. After that do a short analysis of the condition of your car. The car's fuel supplies are still adequate? Are the conditions of a hot car or not? Is the cooling water discharged or remain? Because the causes of sudden death car can vary.

The first cause is, the electric current to the coil plus terminal down. As a result, the combustion process does not occur because of ignition do not have electricity. This often happens to a car that has been aged five years and above. How to detect quite easily, immediately check the cable distributor and paste it into the body of the car. Then immediately the car starter. If there is a spark, then an electric current is still there. So, did the opposite.

The next cause of electric current car battery is weak. Battery weak electrical current can be due to several things, namely because the cables on the battery terminals plus or minus slack. Alternator or dynamo amperage worn, or even a battery that has outlived its useful life. Another cause is the alternator wear, Carburetor problems, and Switcher starter wear. The cause of the latter is trivial and often ignored by motorists.

However, more likely if there is damage to these components when the car suddenly died. This is because Switcher is most often used when motorists began to turn on or turn off your vehicle engine.