Resolve Engine Control Unit (ECU) Shorting for Cars


10 Mar 2021 - Otomotif - 265 Visit

APPSERGU.COM, Resolve Engine Control Unit (ECU) Shorting for Cars - Car engine components that are very vulnerable when exposed to water is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). ECU is the brain of the car's engine is responsible for managing the overall machine. Among others; regulate the supply of fuel, air circulation, ignition systems, etc. In the event of damage to the components of this ECU will make you spend quite a lot of money to fix it.

Therefore, a better guard than fix it. Here are some tips you can practice to keep the components of the ECU. If the car is submerged during floods, then the car should immediately be pushed or pulled to move them to a dry place. Ensure the ECU, if the ECU has been exposed to water, then immediately off components and dry. Then clean with Trichloroethylene fluid. It aims to prevent a short circuit in the car. ECU component layout varies from each car. Average component layout is at an altitude of 40 to 80 cm.

Do not immediately turn on the car is having problems at ECU due to waterlogged. This will give rise to the potential for shorting the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that may cause the car on fire. Another form of prevention that can be done to keep the components of this ECU is to avoid stagnant water that is high enough and spur vehicle speed as quickly as possible. It aims to minimize the occurrence of splashing water to ECU components. If possible, you can create a barrier to the ECU component.