How to Take Care of Car Batteries and Battery Current control this Way Troubled?


10 Mar 2021 - Otomotif - 262 Visit

APPSERGU.COM, How to Take Care of Car Batteries and Battery Current control this Way Troubled?Maintaining the car battery is an important part to avoid the car suddenly broke down. It also can extend the life of a car battery and avoid things that are not desirable. Here are some tips you can practice to take care of your car battery. First tip tends to keep the battery electrolyte surface elevation at the appropriate level.

If the altitude is approaching at a low level, then immediately add battery water. The cause of reduced battery water is due to evaporation or sell battery has been damaged. Next tip is to use the battery cover so that the heat from the radiator fan does not lead directly to the battery. It can be practiced if the position of the car battery is located behind the radiator fan.

In addition, keep the surface of the battery which is on the positive terminal and a negative terminal. If the raised crust of the car battery immediately wash with hot water. Keep the car battery still work even if only briefly. If the car is rarely used, it must still be done occasionally warm up the engine.

Another problem of the car battery is the battery experienced overdrawn. To overcome this problem can be done by pushing the car and tried to start the car. When the car starts being driven, then immediately stepped on the clutch the car and enter transmission second gear or reverse. Make a push car 5 to 10 meters if road conditions leveled. Release the clutch pedal so that the car come alive.

This method can only be done if the battery voltage still is around 8 volts. If the voltage of a car battery is completely discharged and dashboard indicator lamp is not lit or dimmed, then this way also can’t succeed.